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Javascript Question

Why isn't jQuery closest working

I am working on a small system that uses collapsable blocks - for this I am have a css class that toggles on or off depending on the jQuery dependancy.

The code I am using is:

$("#click_me").on("click", function () {

And this works, but is not what is needed. What is need is:

$(".collapse-header").on("click", function () {

But this does not work.

I am not getting any console errors, so any help is apprecated

EDIT HTML value:

<div class="collapse-header" id="click_me">
<span class="float-left">Click me</span>
<span class="float-right"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-plus"></span></span>
<hr class="hr" />
<div class="collapse-body" id="clicked_action">
I'm collapsed

Answer Source

You are looking for


About .closest

$(element).closest(selector) is to find the first element which matches selector in traversing up through element's ancestors.

In your case, your elements are at the same level ("siblings") so .closest doesn't work.

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