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How to execute (debug) line by line (in Eclipse?)

I have the source code of a complex application, comprised of several Activities, Classes and method, each one calling each other.

I need to understand how the app works and because it is very complex I would like to see how it executes step by step. If I user the debugger it works, but as soon as a Class calls a Method on another class, the flow breaks.
Basically I would need to understand how to debug line by line an application made of many Classes.
What I have tried so far did not work, as I said before.

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The Step Into command is what you are looking for.

When the execution is before a call to a method of another class (The line that calls the other class is marked), press the Step Into button from the debug tool bar. This will jump right into the other class and show you how the method there is executed step by step.

This is what the Step Into button looks like: Step Into

If you also have not found a way to execute the program line by line yet, the Step Over command is what you need for that. Look for this button: enter image description here

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