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Xcode 8 Constraints in TableViewController

I have an issue with constraints in my TableViewController. I have put all necessary constraints (I think so), but when I run my app - it looks like a mess. It's really strange for me, because I have one ViewController where I put two table views in one time, used similar constraints and they work pretty fine on different devices. But here is a mess when I run it anywhere.

Here is screenshot of my constraints:

And here is how it looks like when app is running:app is running

What am I doing wrong? I've checked several questions on stackoverflow, but didn't get it.

Answer Source

Looks like I have found solution, but not the root cause. I have removed my TableViewController and created new one, put there labels, segues and so on. Then I have added constraints. And... it works! It looks like some XCode bug or something like that.

Previously I have an issue with Navigation Controller and Back button disappearance. And by re-adding Navigation Controller and some views and segues issue was resolved.

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