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Python Question

Split large JSON file into batches of 100 at a time to run through an API

I am so close to being done with this tool I am developing, but as a junior developer with NO senior programmer to work with I am stuck. I have a script in python that takes data from our data base converts it to JSON to be run through an Address validation API, I have it all working, but the fact is that the API only accepts 100 objects at a time. I need to basically break up the file with X objects into batches of 100 to be run then stored into the same output file. Here is the snippit of my script structure:

for row in rows:

d = collections.OrderedDict()
d['input_id'] = str(row.INPUT_ID)
d['addressee'] = row.NAME
d['street'] = row.ADDRESS
d['city'] = row.CITY
d['state'] = row.STATE
d['zipcode'] = row.ZIP
d['candidates'] = row.CANDIDATES

json.dump(obs_list, file)

ids_file = '.csv'


columns = [i[0] for i in cur.description]

ids_input = cur.fetchall()

#ids_csv = csv.writer(with open('.csv','w',newline=''))

with open('.csv','w',newline='') as f:

ids_csv = csv.writer(f,delimiter=',')



print('Run through API')

url = 'https://api.'

headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'}

this is where i assume i need to do the loop to break it up

with open('.json', 'r') as run:

dict_run = run.readlines()

dict_ready = (''.join(dict_run))

#lost :(
for object in dict_ready:

# do something with object to only run 100 at a time

r =, data=dict_ready, headers=headers)

ss_output = r.text

output = 'C:\\Users\\TurnerC1\\Desktop\\ss_output.json'

with open(output,'w') as of:


at the moment I have about 4,000 of these in a file to be run through the API that only accepts 100 at a time. Im sure there is an easy answer, I am just burnt out doing this by myself lol. Any help is greatly appreciated.

sample json:

"street":"1 Santa Claus",
"city":"North Pole",
"addressee":"Apple Inc",
"street":"1 infinite loop",

Answer Source

try this as your second chunk of code

with open('.json', 'r') as run:
    dict_run = json.loads(run)
    for i in range(0,len(dict_ready)-100,100):
        # do something with object to only run 100 at a time
        r =, data=dict_ready, headers=headers)

output = 'C:\\Users\\TurnerC1\\Desktop\\ss_output.json'

with open(output,'w') as of:

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