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isolateScope() returning undefined when testing angular directive

Using Angular v1.2.25 and rails asset pipeline, I am attempting to test that a directive's isolate scope has indeed been updated. Since isolateScope() returns undefined I am getting expected undefined to be defined ...'

describe("cool directive", function() {


var scope, $rootScope, $compile, elem,
baseElement = '<div auto="mock_a" inc="mock_p" method="mock_m" reset-method="mock_r"></div>';

beforeEach(inject(function( _$rootScope_, _$compile_, _$httpBackend_, $http){
$compile = _$compile_;
$rootScope = _$rootScope_;
scope = $rootScope.$new();
angular.extend(scope, {
mock_a: [
{name: "example1"},
{name: "example2"}
mock_m: function(){
return $http.get('/mockBackend', {
page: scope.mockPage
mock_r: function() { = 1;
scope.list = [];
mock_p: 1
$httpListGet = _$httpBackend_;
$httpListGet.whenGET('/mockBackend').respond({name: "example3"});
$httpListGet.whenGET('/mockBackend?page=1').respond({name: "example3"});
$httpListGet.whenGET('/mockBackend?page=2').respond({name: "example4"});

var create = function() {
elem = angular.element(baseElement);
compiledElement = $compile(elem)(scope);
return compiledElement;

it("has 'list' defined", function() {
var compiledElem = create();
var isolateElemScope = compiledElem.isolateScope();

I'm expecting the directives scope to be accessible and testable, but I'm getting undefined when I test for it. Thank you.

Answer Source

to get the isolateScope I use the following code


This is because that most directives don't use replace, which means the directive tag is on the page, and the directive implementation is added as children of that tag. In that case, the isolate scope will belong to the children.

Even if that is not the case, the snippet should still work - as the children will share the parent's scope..

The only case it won't work, is an extreme scenario where you have 2 nested directives, where the inner one uses replace. but I never saw this.

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