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PHPWord horizontal line (<hr />)

I am currently using PHPWord to generate my documents, but I want to add an horizontal line in the document. Just like an

in HMTL. In word you can do this by typing three underscores en enter, but I want to use it in my generated document.

Does anybody have more information about this feature?

Thank you!

Answer Source

Can you try using to add table and applying border instead of to add <hr> using phpword

     $styleTable = array('borderSize'=>1, 'borderColor'=>'006699');
     $styleFirstRow = array('borderBottomSize'=>1, 'borderBottomColor'=>'0000FF');
     $this->word->addTableStyle('myOwnTableStyle', $styleTable, $styleFirstRow);
     // Add table
     $table = $section->addTable('myOwnTableStyle');

Ref: http://www.ahowto.net/php/creating-ms-word-document-using-codeigniter-and-phpword

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