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Javascript Question

Is This Possible in a Browser? [JavaScript / HTML]

I have Javascript code that opens ISBNs of books on Amazon using hyperlinks (feel free to try, for example: 0133098648). I would like the URL to open up on a new window with all links clicked in a new tab on that same window. It appears one can only open in a new tab of the current window, or a new window every time.

Is what I am looking to do even possible? I've been reading that something like this is restricted by browsers for security reasons; Maybe there's a work around? I've been pulling my hair out trying to find a solution for this, if I could it would make my life much more easier.

A picture to describe my question:

Please use JSfiddle example: ( Code does not work on Stackoveflow)

<div><b>ISBN Hyperlinker</b></div>
<textarea id=numbers placeholder="paste isbn numbers as csv here" style="width:100%" rows="8" >

<div><b>Hyperlinked text:</b></div>
<div id="output" style="white-space: pre"></div>
//the input box.
var input = document.getElementById('numbers');
var output = document.getElementById('output')
var base =

//adding an event listener for change on the input box
input.addEventListener('input', handler, false);

//function that runs when the change event is emitted
function handler () {
var items = input.value.split(/\b((?:\d\s*?){10,13})\b/gm);
// Build DOM for output
var container = document.createElement('span'); (item, index) {
if (index % 2) { // it is the part that matches the split regex:
var link = document.createElement('a');
link.textContent = item.trim();
link.setAttribute('target', '_blank');
link.setAttribute('href', base + item.replace(/\D+/g, ''));
} else { // it is the text next to the matches
// Replace output
output.innerHTML = '';
handler(); // run on load


Answer Source

No, this isn't possible. Web pages cannot dictate whether or not content opens up in tabs or new windows. It's up to the user/browser to decide.

At best, you can open a new window with, but that doesn't give you control over tabs in a specific window later.

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