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Java Question

Convert Byte[] to int

I have this method that converts a signed or non-signed

, but it doesn't return what it is supposed to return. Can someone point out the issue in the below code?

public int convertByteToInt(byte[] b){
int value= 0;
for(int i=0;i<b.length;i++){
int n=(b[i]<0?(int)b[i]+256:(int)b[i])<<(8*i);
return value;

Edited :

I'am actualy reading a wav file in order to calculate the SNR. the returned value from the conversion should give something beetween 0 and 255.
The application should compare 2 waves file, on is the orignal one and the other is modified and calculate the SNR .

Answer Source

Thank you for the answers but I found that the problem comes from somewhere else, not from the conversion methode,

there is an other version of the methode

public int convertirOctetEnEntier(byte[] b){    
    int MASK = 0xFF;
    int result = 0;   
        result = b[0] & MASK;
        result = result + ((b[1] & MASK) << 8);
        result = result + ((b[2] & MASK) << 16);
        result = result + ((b[3] & MASK) << 24);            
    return result;
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