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iOS CLLocationManager in a separate class

I have multiple view controllers that need to get the user's location, so I wanted to create a separate class that the ViewControllers can call to get the user's latest location.

locationManager:didUpdateToLocation:fromLocation returns void. How do I pass the latitude and longitude data back to my ViewControllers as soon as the user's latitude and longitude is calculated?

I could try writing getters and setters in my locationManaging class, but if I do that, how do I know when to call the latitude getter and longitude getter methods from my ViewController class? How do I hold the ViewController's main thread to wait for the latitude and longitude values from the locationManaging class?


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Create a singleton class which has a latitude and longitude properties, startLocating and endLocating. In the class, create a CLLocationManager instance, and set its delegate to be the singleton. In startLocating and endLocating, call the appropriate methods of the CLLocationManager instance. Make the delegate methods update the latitude and longitude properties. In other ViewControllers, read this singleton's latitude and longitude properties.

To know when to read those properties from another ViewController, set an observer on these properties (see the NSKeyValueObserving Protocol Reference

Before doing this, look up the Internets for existing code.

After doing this, upload it to GitHub with a permissive license.

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