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Scala Question

implicit conversion Option[T] to String

I am trying to use implicit to convert option value in scala to String but somehow its working. Here is my syntax -

object ToStringParser{
implicit def optionAnyToString[T](input: Option[T]):String = {
input match {
case Some(i) => i.toString
case None => "NULL"

And I am using it like -

import domain.processors.ToStingParser._

But this is always printing -


How do we have implicit for Options

Answer Source

Your problem is that println accepts a parameter of type Any, so it has no way to know that you want it to use your implicit conversion, you have to tell it somehow that you want a String, rather than an Option.

This would work: println(submitDate: String), and so would this: def puts(s: String) = println(s); puts(submitDate).

But it really doesn't seem to save you much compared to just doing it explicitly in this case:


which would be a lot clearer to the reader.

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