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grep the result of some Command(eg. netstat -apn)

When you want to know which port was already in use you can use

netstat -apn | grep 27777
. The result is below:

> tcp 0 0 ::ffff: :::* LISTEN 79339/java

Then you can find which process use the PID 79339.

ps -aux | grep 79339

Now I wonder if there is a command to find which process uses the port that was already in use.

I tried
ps -aux | grep netstat -apn | grep 18888 | awk -F '[ /]+' '{print $7}'

but it is no working.

Answer Source

First run netstat and print out pid like you almost did. Then run ps and grep pid, using "word" option to avoid grepping parts of the digits (if pid is 456 you don't want to match 14567)

Put that in a bash script and you're done.

pid=$(netstat -apn | awk -F '[ /]+' '{print $7}')
ps -aux | grep -w $pid
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