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Jquery select change not firing

I need to capture when a select box changes, should be simple!

alert('Change Happened');

But it does not work, I suspected the problem is that the select box does not exist on document ready it is created only if needed, so I created it empty in HTML, populated it with code as a test but that didn't work either.

function buildmulti(id,name,price) {
// build action items for action bar
var optlist = $('<select></select>').attr('id', 'multiid').attr('name', 'multiid');
optlist.append('<option value="0">Select Size</option>');
$.each(option, function(index, val) {
if(val.prodID *1 == id * 1) {
v = val.ID;
fprice = price * 1 + val.pricechange * 1;
t = name + ' - ' + val.variation + ' - ' + currency + (fprice).toFixed(2);
optlist.append('<option value="' + v + '">' + t + '</option>');

it's probably another bracket out of place, but I can't find it!

Answer Source


    alert('Change Happened');

As your select-box is generated from the code, so you have to use event delegation, where in place of $(document) you can have closest parent element.


    alert('Change Happened');


Second one works fine, there is another change of selector to make it work.

    alert('Change Happened');

Ideally we should use $("#addbasket") as it's the closest parent element [As i have mentioned above].

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