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Use SendKeys to send Alt combinations to enter special characters

I want to send an Alt combination to another window within a on-screen keyboard.
With combination I mean when you hold down Alt and enter a number or hexadecimal(registry key has to be set for hex) combination:

ALT down, Add press, 2 press, 5 press, 1 press, ALT up

I tried

but it's Alt+Add 2 5 1

but it's Alt+Add Alt+2 Alt+5 Alt+1

but it's Alt and then the other keys pressed simultaneously

Ref to MSDN

Any suggestions for a solution with SendKeys or other classes?


Example for CharCode (Element of enum Source):
ʊ = &H28A

Dim CharCodeUnicodeStr As String = Hex(CInt([Enum].Parse(GetType(Source), CharStr))).ToString
SendKeys.SendWait("%{ADD}%" & ChrW(Convert.ToInt32(CharCodeUnicodeStr, 16)))

Answer Source

Have you tried

SendKeys.SendWait("%{ADD}%" & ChrW(&H251))

This will convert your hexa code into a char. Then if you have control over the other application you can revert this char back to a number...

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