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Active model serializer, render association without key

I have a table named featured_products witch contains only two columns (product_id, position).
On my GET /featured_products, I want to render something like this

{ "name":"Product 1" }
{ "name":"product 2" }

But instead, I logically get this:

"product":{ "name":"Product 1" }
"product":{ "name":"product 2" }

Following the doc of Active Model Serializers, I'v tried these in my featured_product serializer class:

embed_in_root: true


belongs_to :product, embed_in_root: true

but the first on gives an error while second changes the JSON in no way.

I don't know if I missed the answer I'm looking for in Active Model Serializer's doc or if the answer is to be found elsewhere, but I didn't manage to solve this on my own, I'd be happy to get some advices here.


Answer Source

You can also try this:

render json: FeaturedProduct.includes(:product).order(:position).map(&:product) # include :product to avoid N + 1 queries on products
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