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PHP Question

Sqlite3: display error Database is locked

My sqlite3 database display this error:

Array (
[0] => HY000
[1] => 5
[2] => "database is locked"

I have used php PDO for connect sqllite3 database.I have successfully read from database but cannot update/insert into database. It is always shows above error.

I have tried 777 rights to database and also test with it but got the same result.

I have solved above problem using

Now problem is that I have used begintransaction before update query and commit after execute the query.Query return true every time but does not affect in database. any idea about it ?

Note: Query took long time to display error.

Answer Source

I have solved my problem.

Problem in sqlite3 database.I have used sqlite3 3.6.22 on Ubuntu 10.04, This sqlite3 does not support multithreading so I have tested on sqlite3 3.7.7 version and use Pragma command read from

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