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Objective-C Question

Error: Using two-stage rotation animation is not supported in iOS

I am working on bar code scan application.
I got sample source code.
While scanning the image, i am taking image from photo gallery where i have saved some bar code images.

But does not scanning and showing in console as
2012-06-04 14:09:00.136 Reader Sample[467:207] Using two-stage rotation animation is not supported when rotating more than one view controller or view controllers not the window delegate

What this error log is all about, can anybody please help me.

Any help is appreciated

Answer Source

So what should i do

Given the console message, I'd say that you shouldn't use two stage rotation. That is, instead of using the methods -[will/did]AnimateFirstHalfOfRotationToInterfaceOrientation: and -[will/did]AnimateSecondHalfOfRotationToInterfaceOrientation:, use the newer one-step rotation methods -willRotateToInterfaceOrientation:duration: and -didRotateFromInterfaceOrientation:.

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