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jQuery Question

How do I make a div with html layout open in Shadowbox?

I'd like to open a div with html content in with shadow box.
Does anyone know if this is possible with the plugin as I can't see it anywhere on their site?

Thanks for your help


Answer Source

I think this will get what you need.

An example where the lightbox will copy the elements in #cont when you click on a

        <div id="cont" style="display:none">
            <b>Test test</b>
            <i>Test test</i>

        <a href="#">Open</a>

And the script

            skipSetup: true

        $('a').click(function() {
            var content = $('#cont').html();
                content: content,
                player: 'html',
                height: 350,
                width: 350

The box may display a black background so you have to change that into another color.

Please note that shadowbox.js is a player lightbox designed for playing videos. You may consider using something else for html content. The lightbox must contain a player otherwise it won't start.

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