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MySQL Question

mysql restore to different database

I back up my production database with the following command:

mysqldump -u root --opt --skip-extended-insert --databases my_production_db

The resulting dump file has the following lines near the top:

CREATE DATABASE /*!32312 IF NOT EXISTS*/ `my_production_db` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 */;
USE `my_production_db `;

In order to restore the database to a different destination ie.
I have to open the dump file and edit the bits where the database is named.

Then I run:

mysql -u root -p <password> < mydumpfile

I have not figured out another way to do it.

As the database gets bigger this becomes impractical.

Am I missing something? Cant I somehow specify where I want to restore the database? Would I need a different backup command?

Answer Source

If you drop the option --databases but still specify the database name, you will NOT get the create database statements. ie:

mysqldump -u root --opt --skip-extended-insert  my_production_db

On your dev machine simply create any database you wish to restore to.

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