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How to start Vert.x server from IntelliJ IDEA?

How do I start a simple Vert.x server from inside IntelliJ IDEA?


is as below:

apply plugin: 'java'

version = '3.0.0'

repositories {

dependencies {
compile 'io.vertx:vertx-core:3.0.0'

My Vertx-server,
is as below:

package com.example;

import io.vertx.core.AbstractVerticle;
import io.vertx.core.Future;

public class MyVerticle extends AbstractVerticle {

public void start(Future<Void> fut) {
.requestHandler(r -> r.response().end("<h1>Hello</h1>"))

And my IntelliJ run configuration is as below, with
as main class:
enter image description here

But when I run it with my run configuration I get this error message:

Error: Could not find or load main class run

Is the VM option (in Run configuration)
something I need to install and add to my path or how do I get started with Vert.x-server development?

Answer Source

Ah, my mistake:

run com.example.MyVerticle should be the value of Program arguments: and not as VM options in the IntelliJ IDEA Run configuration.

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