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Migrating from Java Calendar to Joda Date Time

Previously, when I first design a stock application related software, I decide to use

to represent date/time information of a stock.

Later, I realize most of the methods in
is deprecated. Hence, very soon, I refactor all my code to make use of

However, there is 2 shortcomings I encounter.

  1. Construct
    is comparative slower than

  2. Within the accessors getCalendar method of
    class, I need to clone a copy, as
    is a mutable class

Here is the current source code for

Recently, I discover Joda-Time. I do the following benchmarking, by creating 1,000,000
. I found
performs better than
, during instantiation.

Here is the benchmarkingalt text result.

This instantiation speed is important, especially many instance of Stocks will be created, to represent a long price history of a stock.

Do you think is it worth to migrate from Java Calendar to Joda Date Time, to gain application speed performance? Is there any trap I need to pay attention to?

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Note that java.util.Date is mutable too - so if it's a problem now you're using Calendar, it would have been a problem using Date too. That said, using Joda Time is definitely worth doing just because it's a much, much better API.

How certain are you that performance is actually an issue in your particular app? You say there will be "many instances" of Stock created... how many? Have you profiled it? I wouldn't expect it to actually make a significant difference in most situations. It's not obvious from your benchmarking graph what you're actually measuring.

Moving to Joda Time is a good idea in general, but I would measure the performance to see how much difference it really makes for you.

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