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Sass (Sass) Question

Shall I revert back to ERB from HAML?

I recently requested a project based on Rails and engaged a freelancer for the job. Basically backend was good but on the frontside - was advised by the freelancer to convert all HTML to Haml and Sass.

It was difficult -as it was hard to find another expert to convert these. In the end manage to find a guy for it

However now i needed updates to the webpage and I realized most people use the Erb and Css instead. Can Erb work together with Haml? Go back to Css as well?

Using Bootstrap as framework

Answer Source

ERB can work with Haml, just don't mix them in the same file. You can use .scss file extension instead of .sass: SCSS is superset of CSS, i.e. any valid CSS is valid SCSS.

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