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TypeScript Question

Define js-data resource in TypeScript

Is it possible to create a js-data resource definition using a TypeScript class?

What I would like in general is having full typing support on computed property and instance method definitions.

What would be awesome is something like this:

class SomeModel
public someBusinessModelValue = 'foo';
public someMoreValues = 'bar';

public get someComputedProperty()
return this.someBusinessModelValue + someMoreValues;

public instanceMethod(param: string)

and then

DS.defineResource(fromClass('name', '/endpoint', 'idAttr', SomeModel));

or go even further and define it like

class SomeModelStore extends SomeModel
name = 'name';
endpoint = 'endpoint';
idAttribute = 'idAttr';
relations =

and use it like


Note that these are only some thoughts on what I hope it would look like, I am aware that it does probably not work exactly like that.

Answer Source

JSData 2.x

The answer is yes, somewhat. Creating Resource definitions in JSData 2.x is not very flexible, but you can provide a constructor function (via the useClass option) to be used during record instantiation.

Here is an example: and the useClass documentation:

JSData 3.x

In JSData 3.x you can just extend the various classes:

import { DataStore, Mapper, Record } from 'js-data';

class CustomMapper extends Mapper {
  // ...

const store = new DataStore({
  mapperClass: CustomMapper

class BaseCustomRecord extends Record {
  // ...  

store.defineMapper('user', {
  recordClass: class UserRecord extends BaseCustomRecord { /*...*/ }
store.defineMapper('post', {
  recordClass: class PostRecord extends BaseCustomRecord { /*...*/ }
store.defineMapper('comment', {
  recordClass: class CommentRecord extends BaseCustomRecord { /*...*/ }

// etc. etc.

Here are some plunker that show extending some classes with JSData 3.x:

And the API docs are a handy resource when extending classes:

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