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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Converting from DateTime to SqlDateTime is inaccurate

I have a method that gets a date property from a source (either a

or a

protected SqlDateTime GetSqlDateTimePropertyValue(string propertyName, object source)
var objValue = GetPropertyValue(propertyName, source);
var value = objValue == DBNull.Value ? null : (DateTime?)objValue;
var sqlValue = new SqlDateTime();
if (value.HasValue) sqlValue = value.Value;
return sqlValue;

but the conversion appears to be changing the date slightly so that my test always fails.

Does anyone know why this method would be converting wrongly?

At the end of the method, it looks like the conversion to
does some rounding:

value.Value.Ticks: 634698391707468296
sqlValue.Value.Ticks: 634698391707470000

Answer Source

Yes - the SQL Server DATETIME has an accuracy of 3.33ms - the .NET datatype however can represent single milliseconds.

Therefore, you will have some rounding issues at times.

Read a lot more about the DATETIME datatype and its properties and quirks here:

Demystifying the SQL Server DATETIME datatype

Also, SQL Server 2008 introduced a slew of new date-related data types - read more about those here:

SQL Server 2008 New DATETIME datatypes

These types do include a DATETIME2 datatype which is accurate to 100ns.

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