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Actions buttons not showing up in local notifications ios 9.2 swift 2

I am creating notifications in a loop, relevant code is:

func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool {
appDelegate = self

serNotificationType = UIUserNotificationType.Alert.union(UIUserNotificationType.Sound).union(UIUserNotificationType.Badge)

let completeAction = UIMutableUserNotificationAction()
completeAction.identifier = "COMPLETE" // the unique identifier for this action
completeAction.title = "Clear" // title for the action button
completeAction.activationMode = .Background // UIUserNotificationActivationMode.Background - don't bring app to foreground
completeAction.authenticationRequired = false // don't require unlocking before performing action
completeAction.destructive = true // display action in red

let callInAction = UIMutableUserNotificationAction()
callInAction.identifier = "CALLIN"
callInAction.title = "Call now"
callInAction.destructive = false
callInAction.authenticationRequired = false
callInAction.activationMode = UIUserNotificationActivationMode.Background

callInAction.destructive = false

let notificationCategory = UIMutableUserNotificationCategory() // notification categories allow us to create groups of actions that we can associate with a notification
notificationCategory.identifier = "CALLINNOTIFICATION"
notificationCategory.setActions([callInAction, completeAction], forContext: .Default) //UIUserNotificationActionContext.Default (4 actions max)
notificationCategory.setActions([completeAction, callInAction], forContext: .Minimal) //UIUserNotificationActionContext.Minimal - for when space is limited (2 actions max)
application.registerUserNotificationSettings(UIUserNotificationSettings(forTypes: notificationTypes, categories: NSSet(array:[notificationCategory]) as? Set<UIUserNotificationCategory>))

return true

Scheduling of the notifications is done in the for loop (and maybe this is the reason something is wrong with scheduling):

func scheduleLocalNotifications() {

let arrayOfEvents: [[Meeting]] = CalendarController.sharedInstance.getAllMeetings()

//remove CallIn notifications anyway

var limitCounter = 0 //limit is 64 local notifications

print("scheduling start: \(CallIn.Settings.notifyNumberOfMinutesBeforeEvent)")
for var x = 0; x < arrayOfEvents.count; x++ {

for var y = 0; y < arrayOfEvents[x].count; y++ {
let event = arrayOfEvents[x][y]

if(event.startTime.timeIntervalSinceDate(NSDate()) > -2000 && limitCounter <= 64){
let notification = UILocalNotification()
let minutesBefore = CallIn.Settings.notifyNumberOfMinutesBeforeEvent
notification.fireDate = event.startTime.dateByAddingTimeInterval(-minutesBefore * 60) //time of launch of notification

if(minutesBefore <= 1){
notification.alertBody = "Your \(event.title) is about to start"
notification.alertBody = "You have \(event.title) in \(Int(minutesBefore)) minutes"
notification.alertAction = "OK"
notification.soundName = UILocalNotificationDefaultSoundName
notification.userInfo = ["title": event.title, "UUID": event.UUID, "CallIn": "CallInNotification"]
notification.category = "CALLINNOTIFICATION"
notification.applicationIconBadgeNumber = 1


limitCounter += 1

The buttons Call now, and Dismiss are not showing up.
What I want is this:
enter image description here

What I get is this:
enter image description here

Answer Source

Ok, I found the problem and this may be useful for someone in the future:

I had


was called twice in two different places in the application (because I had setting in the application, and needed to alter it from settings page). So when refactored, and called it once, it worked.

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