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PHP Question

How to get value of array by using the key from a string

I have an array with some keys and I want to get the array values according to the array keys where the keys are in a string.


$arr = array(
"COV" => "Comilla Victorians",
"RK" => "Rajshaji Kings"

$str = "COV-RK";

Now I want to show
Comilla Victorians VS Rajshaji Kings

I can do it using some custom looping, But I need some smart coding here and looks your attention. I think there are some ways to make it with array functions that I don't know.

Answer Source

You could do something like:

echo implode(' VS ', array_map(function($v) use ($arr) { return $arr[$v]; }, explode('-', $str)));

So explode the string, map the resulting array, returning the value of the matching key in $arr, then just implode it.

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