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Get synonyms from synset returns error - Python

I'm trying to get synonyms of a given word using Wordnet. The problem is that despite I'm doing the same as is written here: here, it returns error.

Here is my code:

from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn
import nltk

dog = wn.synset('dog.n.01')
print dog.lemma_names

>>> <bound method Synset.lemma_names of Synset('dog.n.01')>

for i,j in enumerate(wn.synsets('small')):
print "Synonyms:", ", ".join(j.lemma_names)

>>> Synonyms:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/Users/Python/PycharmProjects/PribliznostneVyhladavanie/", line 38, in <module>
print "Synonyms:", ", ".join(j.lemma_names)

The only thing I want is to put a word and get a list of synonyms. Does anybody knows whats wrong?

EDIT: I tried another advice which I found here on stackoverflow. It does not work either.

syns = wn.synsets('car')
print [ for s in syns for l in s.lemmas]

>>> TypeError: 'instancemethod' object is not iterable

Answer Source

Which version of nltk are you using (try print nltk.__version)? Are you using python 2 or python 3? It seems that in the version you are using, lemma_names is a method and not an attribute (this is the case in nltk 3.0 for Python 3). If this is the case then you can probably fix your code by using this instead:

for i,j in enumerate(wn.synsets('small')):
    print "Synonyms:", ", ".join(j.lemma_names())
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