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Disable form validation in browser

I'm coding on a website with forms and use HTML5 validation - no rocket science so far. Everything works fine for me in Google Chrome, but I want to get sure that even a IE 6 user with no formvalidation does not insert malformed data into my MYSQL database.

Is there any way to turn off the HTML5 form validation in Google Chrome or some other state-of-the-art browser to test the serverside data validation?

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To disable validation in HTML5 use

<form method="post" action="/foo" novalidate>...</form>

Refer this question for more details.I think Junit can also help to test server side validations.
Use parameterized query to gain more security. (If SQL query is formed using user input).


You can set it in About:flags
1. On your Google Chrome address bar, type “about:flags” (without the quote) and press Enter.
2.Scroll down the list until you see the option “Disable HTML5 interactive form validation”.
3.Click the enable link.
Check :

EDIT 2 :
Just came to know that About:flags is depreciated use Use chrome://flags instead. Thanks @Max.

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