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How to highlight text using javascript

Can someone help me with a javascript function that can highlight text on a web page.
And the requirement is to - highlight only once, not like highlight all occurrences of the text as we do in case of search.

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You can use the jquery highlight effect.

But if you are interested in raw javascript code, take a look at what I got Simply copy paste into an HTML, open the file and click "highlight" - this should highlight the word "fox". Performance wise I think this would do for small text and a single repetition (like you specified)


function highlight(text)
    inputText = document.getElementById("inputText")
    var innerHTML = inputText.innerHTML
    var index = innerHTML.indexOf(text);
    if ( index >= 0 )
        innerHTML = innerHTML.substring(0,index) + "<span class='highlight'>" + innerHTML.substring(index,index+text.length) + "</span>" + innerHTML.substring(index + text.length);
        inputText.innerHTML = innerHTML 


<button onclick="highlight('fox')">Highlight</button>


<div id="inputText">
The fox went over the fence


Using replace

I see this answer gained some popularity, I thought I might add on it. You can also easily use replace

"the fox jumped over the fence".replace(/fox/,"<span>fox</span>");

Or for multiple occurrences (not relevant for question, but was asked in comments) you simply add global on the replace regular expression.

"the fox jumped over the other fox".replace(/fox/g,"<span>fox</span>");

Hope this helps to the intrigued commenters.

Replacing the HTML to the entire web-page

to replace the HTML for an entire web-page, you should refer to innerHTML of the document's body.


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