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Can luigi rerun tasks when the task dependencies become out of date?

As much as I know, a luigi Target can either exists, or not exists.
Therefore, if a Target exists it wouldn't be recomputed.

I'm looking for a may to force re computation of the task if one of it's dependencies is modified, or if the code of one of the tasks changes.

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One way you could accomplish your goal is by overriding the complete(...) method.

The documentation for complete is straightforward.

Simply implement a function that checks your constraint, and returns False if you want to recompute the task.

For example, to force recomputation when a dependency has been updated, you could do:

def complete(self):
    """Flag this task as incomplete if any requirement is incomplete or has been updated more recently than this task"""
    import os
    import time

    def mtime(path):
        return time.ctime(os.path.getmtime(path))

    # assuming 1 output
    if not os.path.exists(self.output().path):
        return False

    self_mtime = mtime(self.output().path) 

    # the below assumes a list of requirements, each with a list of outputs. YMMV
    for el in self.requires():
        if not el.complete():
            return False
        for output in el.output():
            if mtime(output.path) > self_mtime:
                return False

    return True

This will return False when any requirement is incomplete or any has been modified more recently than the current task or the output of the current task does not exist.

Detecting when code has changed is harder. You could use a similar scheme (checking mtime), but it'd be hit-or-miss unless every task has its own file.

Because of the ability to override complete, any logic you want for recomputation can be implemented. If you want a particular complete method for many tasks, I'd recommend sub-classing luigi.Task, implementing your custom complete there, and then inheriting your tasks from the sub-class.

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