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SQL Question

SQL-Join with NULL-columns

I'm having the following tables:

Table a
| Field | Type | Null | Key |
| bid | int(10) unsigned | YES | |
| cid | int(10) unsigned | YES | |

Table b
| Field | Type | Null |
| bid | int(10) unsigned | NO |
| cid | int(10) unsigned | NO |
| data | int(10) unsigned | NO |

When I want to select all rows from b where there's a corresponding bid/cid-pair in a, I simply use a natural join
and everything is fine.

When a.bid or a.cid is NULL, I want to get every row where the other column matches, e.g. if a.bid is NULL, I want every row where
, if both are NULL I want every column from b.

My naive solution was this:

SELECT DISTINCT b.* FROM b JOIN a ON ( ISNULL(a.bid) OR a.bid=b.bid ) AND (ISNULL(a.cid) OR a.cid=b.cid )

Is there any better way to to this?

Answer Source

No, that's pretty much it.

(I'd generally rephrase ISNULL(a.bind) as a.bind IS NULL for ANSI SQL compliance FWIW.)

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