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Bash Question

Store result of an operations in a variable in bash

I have a command in bash that returns the locale of an IP address stored in variable

. The command looks something like this:

geoiplookup -f GeoIP.dat "$line" >> resultFile

which will return a result such as "New York, NY".

Now I want to concatenate the Ip address to the result so it looks something like this:

", New York, NY"

So something like:

$line +", "+ (geoiplookup -f GeoIP.dat "$line") >>resultFile

Can anyone give me the correct syntax to do this?

Answer Source

How about

echo "$line, $(geoiplookup -f GeoIP.dat "$line")" >> resultFile

This relies on the backtick operator of bash $(...) which executes a command and captures its output. So in the above line, bash will execute geoiplookup -f GeoIP.dat "$line" and put its output in place of the $(...) part.

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