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Localizable.strings not working in iOS

I'm having this really mind breaking problem.

I created a Localizable.strings file in XCode and then 2 languages in it.

I filled up these files with the language translations, did a build/clean and then a fresh build, but there is no way the Localization strings show up in my project. If I try something like:

self.title = NSLocalizedString(@"HEAD", nil);

only "HEAD" instead of the translation shows up in the device simulator.

This is my project hierarchy:

project hierarchy

And this are the content of the English localization file:
enter image description here

Any ideas?

Answer Source

I found the answer myself.

Besides cleaning and building the project again and all that I described above. You must also delete the app in the iPhone simulator and then build it again! After that it works perfectly.

Talk about making it simple Apple...

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