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How two compare two array list items in linq query

I have two querys(qry1 returning [a1],[a2]; qry2 returning [a1],[a2],[a3]). So i want to compare these two queries . If they are not equal perform some function. Below is the query i am trying.i dont want to compare with 'count' operator.

Dim Qry1 = (From x In db1.Approvals _
Where x.ID = tId _
And x.APPROVALID = GetRqstID(thisId) _
Select x.APPROVERID).ToList()

Dim Qry2 = (From x In db.Resources _
Join y In db.Users On x.USER_ID Equals y.USER_ID _
Where x.ID = tskIdIn _
And x.TYPE = rsrcType _
Order By y.FIRST_NAME _
Select x.USER_ID).ToList()

If ((Qry1.ToArray) <> (Qry2.ToArray)) Then
End If

Answer Source
if (Qry1.Count() != Qry2.Count() || 
    Qry1.Except(Qry2).Count() > 0 ||
    Qry2.Except(Qry1).Count() > 0)  
 // not the same.

I do the count check first because of short circuit it will speed up most cases. It is not needed if you are doing the other two.

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