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C# Question

How can I put a variable in this part of my code?

I have two examples

Primary.Teal800, Primary.Teal900, Primary.Teal500, Accent.LightGreen400, TextShade.WHITE



The part after the
I want a variable. For example, the pseudo-code for this would be

var color = "Teal";
Primary.color + 800, Primary.color + 900, Primary.color + 500, Accent.LightGreen400, TextShade.WHITE


var toWhich = "ToInt32";

Would there be any way to do that?

I'm accessing an enum

Answer Source

Since Primary is an enum, you can use Enum.Parse. Make a helper method for it:

static Primary GetPrimaryColor(string name, int number) {
    return (Primary)Enum.Parse(typeof(Primary), name+number);

Calling the helper lets you do this:

var color = "Teal";
GetPrimaryColor(color, 800), GetPrimaryColor(color, 900), ...
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