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SQL Question


I have table "orders" with column ID (id order) and IDU (id user).
I want calculate like this:

50 person have 1 order
30 person have 2 order

My code (bad)

SELECT DISTNICT count(id), count(idu) FROM orders GROUP BY idu

Please help me :)

Answer Source

I call this a histogram of histogram queries. You want to know how many users have a given order count. The solution is to use subqueries and group by twice:

select cnt, count(*), min(idu), max(idu)
from (select idu, count(*) as cnt
      from orders
      group by idu
     ) ou
group by cnt;

When running this type of query, I usually include the min and max of the user id, so I can readily find examples of users (typically those that have many orders).

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