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NodeJS request reset session

I am doing a post request from my server to another server and for it i'm using the library

So, I use the next code:'/extern/*', function(req, res, next) {
var path = req.params['0'];
var input = req.body.text;
var encript = crypto.encrypt(input); + path).form({data: encript}).pipe(res)

The session has been initialized before calling this post, but when it executes, the session is reseted. So, in this case, I lose the csrf code from the session var.

The error is in the 'pipe' function, because if I call it I lose the session, not in other case, but I need to use it.

How can I use the pipe function without lose the actual session?

Answer Source

I founded the solution and it was my bad.

Session is in req.session and the petition server was using also the express-session module. When request was received by petition server, this one replaced the session var by the one of the petition server.

The solution was to remove express-session module from petition server.

Anothe solution could be manage the session from the host server preventing to replace it. But I didnt do it

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