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Python Question

Python: to print random 5 scrapes

i have a problem with a school project, that says i should make a scraper program with beautifulSoup that will be a weeding surprise and will print out random 5 quotes out of the page they gave me ....well I came to a logic how to scrape the data out of the site and it scrapes the quotes but it doesn't return 5 of them but all of them.....i tried with counter but no luck could you help me out please?

import urllib
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup

topic_url = 'http://quotes.yourdictionary.com/theme/marriage/'
topic_html = urllib.urlopen(topic_url).read()
topic_soup = BeautifulSoup(topic_html)

quotes = topic_soup.findAll('p', attrs={'class': 'quoteContent'})

for quote in quotes:

print quote.text + ("\n")

Answer Source

You already have all the quotes stored in the quotes variable. You can select 5 random ones from that collection with the random module:

import random

five_quotes = random.sample(quotes, 5)
for quote in five_quotes:
    print(quote.text + "\n")
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