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How to generate Class Diagram (UML) on android studio

I've try to search and found this link, but Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D doesn't work.

I also use find Action Ctrl+Shift+A to find action about diagram and uml but found nothing.

I also search for the uml plugin,
but most of them didn't work with new version of intelliJ (I din't try it I just read the comment).

Answer Source

I found a free pluggin that can generate class diagrams with android studio. It's called SimpleUML.

On Mac: go to Android Studio -> Preferences -> Plugins

On Windows: go to Android Studio -> File -> Settings -> Plugins

Click on Browse repositories... and search for SimpleUMLCE (CE means Community Edition, this is what android studio is based on).

Install it, restart, then you can do a right click on the folder containing the classes you want to visualize, and select Add to simpleUML Diagram.

That's it, you have you fancy class diagram generated from your code!

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