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Scrollview not scrolling down completely

I'm building a chat-like application that displays text the user inputs to the screen using a scrollview. What I'm doing is auto-scrolling the scrollview down as more text is appended to the screen. I'm using

ScrollView my_scrollview = (ScrollView) findViewById(;

This seems to work, although for some reason, because the keyboard is usually on screen while chatting, when the scrollview scrolls down it doesn't completely - the newest textview added is not displayed (you'll have to manually scroll down to the newest one). How do I go about fixing this?

Answer Source

I looked around, and found that some other people have run into the same problem.

I solved this problem using this piece of code:

final ScrollView scrollView = (ScrollView) findViewById(; Runnable() 
    public void run() 

Hopefully this can help somebody out there!

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