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Objective-C Question

Run two SKActions at once

I'm using a sequence to run a list of SKActions. What I want to do however, is run an SKAction, then run two at once, then run one in sequence.

Here is my code:

SKNode *ballNode = [self childNodeWithName:@"ball"];

if (ballNode != Nil){ = nil;

SKAction *delay = [SKAction waitForDuration:3];
SKAction *scale = [SKAction scaleTo:0 duration:1];
SKAction *fadeOut = [SKAction fadeOutWithDuration:1];
SKAction *remove = [SKAction removeFromParent];

//put actions in sequence
SKAction *moveSequence = [SKAction sequence:@[delay, (run scale and fadeout at the same time), remove]];

//run action from node (child of SKLabelNode)
[ballNode runAction:moveSequence];

How can I accomplish this? I'm assuming I can't use a sequence?

Answer Source

Use a group action.

From sprite kit programming guide:

A group action is a collection of actions that all start executing as soon as the group is executed. You use groups when you want actions to be synchronized

SKSpriteNode *wheel = (SKSpriteNode*)[self childNodeWithName:@"wheel"];
CGFloat circumference = wheel.size.height * M_PI;
SKAction *oneRevolution = [SKAction rotateByAngle:-M_PI*2 duration:2.0];
SKAction *moveRight = [SKAction moveByX:circumference y:0 duration:2.0];
SKAction *group = [SKAction group:@[oneRevolution, moveRight]];
[wheel runAction:group];
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