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Waf Application already defines some members (initializecomponent, main, _contentLoaded)

I'm using the WAF-Framework for building a MVVM-Application. I got my own App-Class (App.xaml and App.xaml.cs).

Everytime I try to compile my application I get 3 different error messages:

  1. The type
    already defines a member
    with same types of parameters

  2. The type
    already defines a member
    with same types of parameters

  3. The type
    already contains a definition for

When I click on the error-message I get redirected to a file called App.g.cs. If I then remove everything within this file, my application will be build and everthings works as wished. But after another change the file is back and I would have to delete it again.

I checked all my files and I can't find another definition of these 3 members. I don't have another Main-Method anywhere. I also tried to rename my Application but this didn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions what I could do to solve this annoying problem?

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I had something very similar recently, and it turned out that when importing existing code files I had imported the obj directory itself! screen shot of visual studio

This directory contained, for example, the auto-generated (and automatically imported) MainWindow.g.i.cs file. So I was effectively including the same partial class definition twice, hence the "already defined" errors.

Excluding this folder from the project and rebuilding the solution works to resolve the errors.