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Python Question

upgrade to dev version of scikit-learn on Anaconda?

I'm using python through Anaconda, and would like to use a new feature ( in scikit-learn that's currently only available in the development version 0.18.dev0.

However, doing the classical

conda update
doesn't seem to work, as conda doesn't list any dev packages. What would be the simplest way to install a development version into my Anaconda? (For what it's worth, I'm using 64-bit windows 7.)

Answer Source

You can only use conda to install a package if someone has built and made available binaries for the package. Some packages publish nightly builds that would allow this, but scikit-learn is not one of them.

To install the bleeding-edge version in one command, you could use pip; e.g.:

$ conda install pip
$ pip install git+git://

but keep in mind that this requires compiling all the C extensions within the library, and so it will fail if your system is not set up for that.

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