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How to initiate Gmaps in hidden element

I have one element (#hidden-element) which is hidden by default. When I click on button (#btn-toggle) I want to make this element visible. For now, everything is fine. The element really shows up, but if I click on the button for the first time, maps won't shows up. Then I click to hide element, then again to show hidden element for the second time and now the map is here.

So, my question is, how can I be shure that map will shows up for the first time (I thing I have to initialize maps or something like that) and can I somehow destroy map object? And is destroying the map object even necessary?


// function for showing the map with markers - gmaps4rails gem
function showMap(){
var handler ='Google');
handler.buildMap({ internal: {id: 'multi_markers'}}, function(){
var markers = handler.addMarkers([
{ lat: 43, lng: 3.5},
{ lat: 45, lng: 4},
{ lat: 47, lng: 3.5},
{ lat: 49, lng: 4},
{ lat: 51, lng: 3.5}

// this will hide the element when document is ready
// if I click on button with ID btn-toggle, element will shows up or hide
if ($('#hidden-element').is(':hidden')){
// is necesarry to have condition and check if element is hidden or visible?
} else if ($('#hidden-element').is(':visible')){
// element is hidden? Show it!



Answer Source

So it is not an error of library. I think Gmaps4Rails don't know the precise position of the element when element is showing up. So you have to ensure that element is fully visible and then show the map:

      if ($('#hidden-element').is(':visible')){

This basically means that maps will load after element is fully visible and took his place on screen.

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