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Loading html head tag common files in jsp

I am new to Java and I have set up a Maven/Spring 4 environment in NetBeans 8.

In PHP and ColdFusion I would create one file that loads the css and javascript files and include that file in all views in order to make one point of change.

I would like to do that in Java but I am not sure what the best practice would be. I have the files in the resources directory under WEB-INF and in the css and js folders respectively.

Should I create a jsp file that has the link and script paths and include the jsp file in others, use an xml file, combination of both or something else?

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You have two options.

Static includes

Static includes are the equivalent to copy-pasting code into the page you're calling it from. This means that a static include will be executed in the current page context.

<%@include file="page.html"%>

Dynamic includes

Dynamic includes are requests evaluated in their own context, and then output to the page you're calling it from

<jsp:include page="page.html" />

Since the dynamic include is a request, you can send parameters like this

<jsp:include page="page.jsp">
  <jsp:param name="myVar" value="${someValue}"/>
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