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Database Exception with Gii Generator on Yii2

First of all, my details(I try to include as much as I can):

PHP 5.6.14

Oracle DB11G Enterprise Edition locally, default localhost setup)

Windows 7 64-Bit


Yii 2.0.6

I am trying to use the gii module to generate some models for testing purpose(as I am fairly new to this framework). I have imported all the tables/data from my organization's database, and have create related tablespaces and users. So my generator have these autocompleted when i typed partial keywords.

enter image description here

Then when I clicked on preview button, i get this error below

enter image description here

I believe the SYSTEM/SYSAUX are generated automatically when installing the oracle db. Plus, the autocomplete tables that appeared when I try to insert the table name is correct and same as the tables i have inside our schema. I tried changing the password/creds to be wrong as I cant access the gii page at all(so i believe the connection to my db setup is fine).

Can anyone help me. is it a known issue or i am doing something wrong? because as far as I understand, the error shown means that the generator is looking at a different place upon clicking the "preview" button.

Thank you.


UPDATE: New error


I gave the current user the role of DBA and now it's getting somewhere but I do not understand the cause/errors.

enter image description here

Answer Source

ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Looking at the failing SQL, it seems the user which is executing the query doesn't have the DBA privilege to access dba_users and dba_objects. You need to GRANT the required privilege to this user.

GRANT DBA to new_user;
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