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Javascript Question

Where to declare class constants?

I'm using class members to hold constants. e.g

function Foo() {

Foo.CONSTANT1 = 1;
Foo.CONSTANT2 = 2;

This works fine, except that it seems a bit unorganized, with all the code that is specific to
laying around in global scope. So I thought about moving the constant declaration to inside the
declaration, but then wouldn't that code execute everytime
is constructed?

I'm coming from Java where everything is enclosed in a class body, so I'm thinking JavaScript might have something similar to that or some work around that mimics it.


Answer Source

All you're doing in your code is adding a property named CONSTANT with the value 1 to the Function object named Foo, then overwriting it immediately with the value 2.

I'm not too familiar with other languages, but I don't believe javascript is able to do what you seem to be attempting.

None of the properties you're adding to Foo will ever execute. They're just stored in that namespace.

Maybe you wanted to prototype some property onto Foo?

function Foo() {

Foo.prototype.CONSTANT1 = 1;
Foo.prototype.CONSTANT2 = 2;

Not quite what you're after though.

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