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Git Question

How to get a 'last stable' version of the V8 sources

I installed "git for windows" version 2.10.0 and "depot_tools", then successfully ran the

fetch v8

For reference, I had to fix one problem:
breaks if there is no
environment variable.

Anyway, I know have a v8 source tree, with 55k files (1Go), and the next step is to build V8 (for Windows)

My question:
git branch

* (HEAD detached at origin/master)

I see here that the last stable version for V8 on win64 is "5.3.332.45".
How do I setup my source tree to be the one used to build that version?

(yes I am a complete newbie to git)(but used with svn)

Answer Source

From the information here:

after making sure to have all the tags available:

git fetch --tags

You can create a branch and check out a tagged release with:

git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME tags/TAG_NAME

BRANCH_NAME doesn't need to exist, it will be created automatically

TAG_NAME is the value from the tag of the release, which is the v8_version field found here:

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