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Javascript Question

How to use jQuery plugins (jquery validation engine) with OpenUI5/SAPUI5?

I want use jquery validaton engine in SAPUI5. Please guide me, I have done following steps.

  1. Added jquery library

  2. Added jquery validation library and css.

  3. Give a validate[required] class to input text field.

  4. on button click called

  5. But it is give me TypeError: $(...).validationEngine is not a function error.

Answer Source

jQuery is already part of the SAPUI5 distribution. So if you load SAPUI5 after including your custom jQuery + jQuery validation engine you will just end up with the plain jQuery version bundled with SAPUI5.

You can either load jQuery validation engine after SAPUI5 or use the no-jquery SAPUI5 variant as follows:

<script id="sap-ui-bootstrap"            
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