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Implementing custom View and/or ViewGroup (Flow Layout) in Android

I'm trying to achieve something similar to this:

widget demo

So, this is a container which can hold an arbitrary number of children. Each child is a simple text with border. Children may differ by their width. I assume this part can be implemented by extending the

widget (since it isn't clickable). Much more interesting thing here is the container for these bordered text views. It should support a regular
operation which automatically aligns the child according to the simple rule: if there is enough room within a current row - place child to the right of the last item in row. If there is no space - move child to the next row. So the basic logic seems quite similar to
: if text is too long, we display it in several lines. My idea is too extend
, but I still hope to find something easier.

The scheme I've described above (custom container + custom
) is not a mandatory, I'm just looking for ways to achieve this. Any thoughts guys?

Answer Source

Seems that pattern I was looking for is called FlowLayout (thanks to nitzanj). There are several of implementations of it:

If you decide to write your own version, here are helpful guides about writing custom views:

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