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Get compilation Date & Time from .exe

I have the full name & path of an executable, e.g.

, and want to extract the compilation date and time of that executable.

How can I do this? I couldn't find any suitable solution.

My C++ program must compile under Windows using Borland C++ Builder, if that info is of any worth.

I found some sample code and it works, thanks for all your pointers and hints!

The Code is :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>

int main (int argc, char** argv)
SYSTEMTIME creation;

if (argc < 2)
return 1;
GetFileAttributesEx(argv[1], GetFileExInfoStandard, &attr);
FileTimeToSystemTime(&attr.ftLastWriteTime, &creation);
printf("Created: %04d-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:%02d\n"
"Size: %d bytes\n",
creation.wYear, creation.wMonth, creation.wDay,
creation.wHour, creation.wMinute, creation.wSecond,

return 0;

Which delivers following output :

Created: 2013-06-20 12:37:14
Size: 15098368

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Answer Source

The information your're looking for is to be found in the IMAGE_FILE_HEADER of the executable image. You can retrieve this information either by pointing the field by its offset in the image (the hard way). Another option would be to use the Image Help Library

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